Why Do I Need SEO?

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To stop losing business to other websites

The age of the Internet has arrived. In fact, it’s been here for a while. As of 2015, Google receives on average 40,000 searches per second for a near total of 2.1 Trillion searches per year. With eight new users joining the Internet population every second of every day, search engines have become the epicenter of how individuals navigate the Internet. In fact, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Therefore it is no surprise that 80% of Internet users worldwide have purchased at least one product or service online.

Being found isn’t always easy

When done properly, SEO can be a game changer for in marketing a small business, like yours. Traditional marketing methods like television, radio, or print advertising position your business in front of numerous amounts of people. A vast majority of advertising viewers and listeners will take their interest straight to the Internet after seeing or hearing an advertisement. The question is, can they find you?

The process of being found in search results is called search engine optimization. Businesses of all sizes need SEO to stay competitive in an ever-growing online market. If you can’t be found, someone else can. Losing a customer is as simple as that.

Nearly all Internet users conducting a search stick to the first page of search results, and over 90% of these rapid Internet researchers will ditch a website within 3 seconds of viewing their homepage. SEO goes beyond first page results and ensures your ability to stay there by working to provide user-friendly and easy-to-find information on your website.

When the idea of search engine optimization first came about, it was as simple as having a website for your business that provided simple contact information and a dense display of keywords relevant to your business. Today, that simplicity is gone! The number of active web users and published websites is now growing exponentially. As a result, search engines like Google or Bing constantly work to update their search algorithms – working to emulate the user’s experience and determine website relevancy. Google recognizes patterns in search terms and website behaviors that allow these algorithms to associate thousands of search metrics with the code and content of your website.

With the noise that consumers face when making a buying decision, a website alone is not enough. Your website needs to be front and center when the consumers begins their research or else you run the risk of never being seen.

This is why you need search engine optimization!

By targeting specific search terms that are pertinent to your website and focusing on high-quality content that provides information relevant to these search terms, you will see your website gradually begin moving up in search engine results. The longer you stick with your SEO efforts, the easier it will be for search engines to recognize you as a trusted source. As your search rankings improve, you will start to see increased traffic, leads, and sales.

Even after you know who you need SEO, it can be tough to know how to get started or how to improve your search rankings. We’re here to help!

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