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A web score is calculated from all of the data on this page and represents a value of 0 to 100, 100 being the highest score possible.

Duplicate Content

As a core tenant of SEO, a website should avoid duplicating the same content over multiple pages. Free Website Score identifies and highlights duplicate page within your site.

Search Rankings

Free Website Score can measure your search engine ranking in the major search engines.

Social Sharing

Free Website Score identifies the number of times every page in your website has been shared in Facebook.


The volume and quantity of backlinks is one of the most important measures of a website’s off-page optimization for search engines. Free Website Score detects backlinks and tracks them over time.

Facebook Pages

Free Website Score tracks key performance metrics for your Facebook pages, including how frequently you post, and the average engagements per post.

SEO Fundamentals

  • Page Titles Must be specified and unique.
  • Meta Descriptions If specified, should be relevant and unique.
  • Link Anchor Text Anchor text is relevant and specified.
  • Alternative Text Alternative text is relevant and specified.
  • Headings Headings are relevant and specified.


This is a list of your meta keywords or keywords your website may currently be ranking for.

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