What Can I Do To Rank Higher?

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The trick is to always "act as if…"

Search engines filter through millions and millions of websites by using complicated algorithms to determine a website’s validity, usefulness, and relevance. There are so many factors used to build these algorithms, it would be impossible to know exactly what search engines like Google or Bing are thinking and optimize your website perfectly to match all ranking factors. In fact, most ranking factors aren’t published anywhere for the public to be aware of. Many years of ranking results and search marketing experience are key to filtering out the noise from what really works.

Have a good website

Search engines are constantly learning and revamping their metrics and algorithms, so their factors are constantly changing as well. They do this as they find more ways to ensure that the best, most informative and useful websites rise to the top of ranking results.

To put it simply, search engines are trying to provide the best searching experience for their customers.

Some of these SEO basics include:

  • Updating your current site content
  • Creating more high-quality and relevant content for your website
  • Reviewing and cleaning up your website’s code
  • Choosing a unique keyword focus for each page
  • Organizing title tags, updating meta data
  • Adding alt tags to images
  • Analyzing onsite and offsite links
  • Testing mobile-friendliness

There are thousands of SEO tactics that can influence a search engine’s algorithm to help your website rank higher. Not all of these tactics are considered “search engine approved” or white-hat tactics. By sticking to the foundational rule of ranking best practices: Make your website user-friendly. As people find, visit, and revisit your website, your ranking on the search engine results page will increase dramatically.

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